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【Program For Hong Kong Residents】

Stream A - Study Permit


Introduction to Scheme

On June 1, 2021, the IRCC of Immigration Canada launched two exclusive permanent residency pathways for Hong Kong residents. Under this new policy, applicants can choose the appropriate route according to their own conditions.

Stream A: In-Canada Graduates’ applicants must graduate from a designated college in Canada and fulfill other requirements to apply for permanent residency.

Application period: June 6, 2021 to August 31, 2026

Program features:

  1. Simple application, no  restrictions of age, assets, and amounts of investment, and you can apply directly for Canadian Permanent Residency

  2. No residence restrictions 

  3. If one person applies, their spouse or partner and children can also benefit

  4. After successful application, children can enjoy free education and social welfare


  1. Hong Kong residents who are over 18 years old and hold a valid Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Passport (HKSAR) or British National (Overseas) Passport (BNO)

  2. Have a level 5 score in Canadian Language Benchmark (Equivalent to IELTS 5)

  3. Have a valid temporary resident status in Canada

  4. Be physically present in Canada when you apply and when you get permanent residence

  5. Intend to live in Canada, in any province or territory other than the province of Quebec

  6. Applicant must have graduated from a post-secondary designated learning institution in Canada in the 3 years before you apply, with at least 50% of your program completed in Canada, and with one of the following:

    • Degree (bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate)

    • Diploma (for a program of at least 2 years)

    • Graduate or post-graduate diploma or certificate for a program of at least 1 year (the completion of a post-secondary degree or diploma as a prerequisite, and the post-secondary degree or diploma must have been obtained no more than 5 years before the commencement of the graduate or post-graduate program)

Application Progress:

  1. Provide consultation and evaluation 
  2. Course selection and enrollment
  3. Receive a letter of acceptance from the school
  4. Collect relevant documents and apply for a student visa
  5. Help applicants enter Canada in the form of a student visa
  6. Upon arrival, assist the applicant to settle down (Depending on the selected service*)
  7. After the applicant completes their studies and fulfills other requirements, they can apply for permanent resident status

  • The application time varies depending on the individual applicant’s circumstances.


   * Additional services:

  • Arrange accommodation for the applicant and his/her family upon arrival

  • Assist in handling bank accounts and medical insurance cards set up

  • The local team provides support services if needed

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Stream B: 

​Work Pathway


Open Work Permit

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