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Startup Immigration Program (SUV)

Introduction to the scheme:

On April 1, 2013, the Federal Government of Canada launched a 5-year pilot project and it officially became a permanent immigration program on July 28, 2017. This scheme aims to attract qualified immigrant entrepreneurs bringing innovative business into Canada, create more jobs for local residents, and enhance Canada’s competitiveness in the international market.

Program features:

  • Simple application requirements, no restrictions of age, assets, or management experience, and do not require an explanation of the source of the property

  • No regional restrictions, flexible to decide any place outside the province of Que to start a business and live in

  • One application, the whole family can benefit, and able to enjoy Canadian resident benefits and free education for children

  • Short processing time, the permanent residency status can be obtained in one step in about 12-18 months

  • No profit requirements and the success of the business does not affect the applicant's permanent residence status

  • Most of the application procedures are processed remotely, and applicants can stay in Hong Kong for the completion


  1. Age: 18 years old or above

  2. Language ability: English CLB level 4 / IELTS Reading 4, Writing 5, Listening 5, Speaking 5

  3. Good health condition and no record of offence

  4. With sufficient living funds, according to government requirements: CAD$12,960/1 person to CAD$34,299/7 person

  5. Get support from a designated agency and a letter of support

  6. Holding a qualified start-up

Application Process:

  1. The Canadian lawyer matches the appropriate incubator program based on the applicant's past work experience and academic qualifications

  2. The lawyer will arrange an interview between the applicant and the incubator

  3. A 2-week business course at an incubator institution

  4. Obtained Institutional Certificate and Letter of Support

  5.  Submit a permanent resident or work visa application to the Federal Office of Immigration

  6. The lawyer must help you apply for permanent resident status (PR)

  7. Before landing, it will be confirmed that the applicant and his family members have PR


  • The whole process takes about 12-18 months (The application time varies depending on the individual applicant’s circumstances)

Want to know if you are eligible to apply?

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