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【Canada Employer Guarantee】

Truck Drivers Immigration Program


Introduction to Scheme:

Truck drivers are one of the most high-demand jobs in the Canadian job market. Because Canada’s trucking industry is facing a serious shortage of truck drivers, government policies offer Canada work visas to qualified foreign workers looking for jobs in Canada in order to meet the needs of the local labor market and economic development.

Program features:

  1. High demand for jobs: One of the Most-In-Demand Jobs in 2022

  2. High salary: Up to CAD$80,000 - CAD$120,000 for the first year

  3. No relevant work experience is required and pre-employment training will be provided

  4. If one person applies, their spouse or partner and children can also benefit

  5. After successful application, children can enjoy free education, social welfare


  1. Age: 25-50 years old

  2. Education level: High school graduation or above

  3. Language ability: English CLB level 5 / IELTS level 5 

  4. Job requirements: Holding a Hong Kong driving license (commercial vehicle driving experience is preferred)


Application Process:

  1. The Canadian lawyer matches the relevant employers based on the applicant's past work experience and academic qualifications

  2. Collect relevant documents and apply for a visa.

  3. After landing, receive a 3-month training (professional truck driving training and IELTS language training)

  4. Work for the employer as a professional driver

  5. The matched employer applies for permanent resident status (PR) for the applicant


  • The whole process takes about 12-18 months (The application time varies depending on the individual applicant’s circumstances)

Want to know if you are eligible to apply?

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